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There is something new near Labin - horseback riding tours

There are many things to say about the last two weeks, but let's try to summarize them. As mentioned in the "About Us" section, we've finally started organizing horseback riding tours. And this is just the beginning of an idea that needs to be completed in the future. We hope that it'll be fun not only for the children from Istria and its surroundings, but also for their parents and all other adventurous souls who live here or are simply on vacation. To have an everlasting memory of our first days, we had as a guest at our ranch the Labin legend "Keko", a cowboy whose joy at being invited is beyond words. So we took some photos to share with you...

We could write much more and we still don't know if we can put into words the joy of hosting all the lovely people from our region and around the world in the future, so we will add a few more photos to our website gallery and stop here because a day at the ranch is too short and other tasks are waiting. That's it folks for now and stay tuned because we'll be hanging out for a whole year.

Greetings from the Ranch Marconi team

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