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We offer the possibility of smaller celebrations at our ranch. There is an outdoor area and a tavern available for about 15 people in the period from 01.10 to 01.05. It is also possible to rent apartments if you want to sleep. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Daytime Bachelorette celebration with horses and other animals on the ranch changes classic bachelorette parties and provide a completely different experience to this special day. Your celebration with us becomes an unforgettable experience in a rural environment on a family ranch where you can meet the animals and spend your time with them.
You can make your special moments unforgettable by riding horses and enjoying a personalized photo corner of a vintage Bajadera van. Through our service, we create an unforgettable story in a warm and hospitable atmosphere. Catering can also be ordered on request. For all other information, please feel free to contact us.


Children's birthdays at our ranch and riding for kindergarten groups include riding for all interested children for 25 minutes per group. Along with horse riding, children can have fun with other sports equipment. There is an outdoor seating area and refrigerator at your disposal. Your stay at the ranch is not limited by time. In the case of a child's birthday, we also give the birthday boy/girl a gift voucher that he/she can use for our one-hour riding tour.

Price: 15 eur per rider, 150 eur minimum

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