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General information:


  • You can choose one of the three routes which are explained below

  • English riding style

  • Children are allowed to participate in our tours, but not together on a same horse with the parent

  • The price includes safety equipment, insurance, a guide, a snack and a drink

  • You should inform us of your riding skills and your weight when booking the ride

  • If there is at least one beginner in your group, trotting and galloping will not be possible; We never mix skilled and unskilled riders from different groups

  • It's recommended to stay out of the sun on the day before riding in the summer and to stay hydrated

  • Long comfortable pants and sports shoes/sneakers are recommended for the ride

  • Ride at your own responsibility

  • Please do not call us for the photos of your ride, we'll send them as soon as possible


Swimming with horses

Swimming with horses

  • Starting time: According to the agreement

  • Duration: 4 - 4:30 hrs (Gallop, trot and walk for advanced riders; Walk for beginners)

  • Trail length: 14 km (Forest and country roads)

  • It is necessary to bring essentials for swimming (we transport them all to the beach); Wear a swimsuit under your riding clothes

  • A surprise gift is included in the price

  • Price: 130 EUR

Catching the views

  • Starting time: According to the agreement

  • Duration: 1:30 hrs for advanced riders (gallop, trot and walk); 2 hrs for beginners (walk only)

  • Trail length: 9.5 km (forest and country roads)

  • Price: 50 EUR

Riding in the heights
Riding in the woods

Short forest adventure

  • Starting time: According to the agreement

  • Duration: 45 min for advanced riders (trot and walk); 1 h for beginners (walk only)

  • Trail length: 4.5 km (forest)

  • Price: 30 EUR

Horse riding tour
Horse riding tour
Swimming with horses
Riding on 500 m above sea
Catching the sunset tour
Swimming with horses
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