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Our first horse

I am Mala and the story starts with me. I am the first who came here and made them love horses and riding. Sometimes I feel bored here because I can't find a horse for "action", but they say we have to be calm for our guests so I guess I have to accept that.

Our biggest horse

The only capuccino among my friends. Dogs always bark at me, but my meditation cannot be interrupted by anyone. I am also the biggest guy here so don't worry about your weight, I can handle it. And yes, my name is Norty.

Our favorite horse

If you are a Croat you can call me Šljempo, otherwise call me Bepi because you might break your tongue. I am not sure but I guess I am the most beautiful and the owner's favourite horse.

The horse that eats the most

I will gladly tear up some grass even while you ride me! My name is Indy, also called Piggy by my ex-owner :( 

Those are native horses but they are usually not alone. We are sure you are curious who we are talking about so give us a call and book your place if you want to get to know all of them.

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